Parents Talk

 I still remember…..

During the year 2012, when I came to BELAGVI on transfer, I was trying my only daughter Divya’s school admission to the first standard. I tried with K.V. and other private schools. But I could not make it happen, as I    was very late by then. At that time, I came to know about a newly started English medium school of Dakshin Maharashtra Shikshan Mandal. I was having some faint idea about the organization. Immediately I approached the school’s principal Smt. Sonal Soudagar and discussed with her about the aims, objectives, and management. She informed me that the school’s main aim is to impart quality education at an affordable cost and to focus on the overall development of the student. Then, I hesitatingly admitted my daughter to Jyoti Central School, thinking that I could change the school after 2 to 3 years if required since the school was newly started. As time passed, I observed a lot of change in the school environment as well as my child’s behavior, way of thinking understanding the subject, etc. It is experienced that my daughter was enjoying the school, not only with studies but also with extracurricular activities. Then I dropped the idea of looking for a new school.

Through this journey of 8 years, I’m really glad to mention here that every year she brings home many certificates,   medals, trophies, etc. due to her excellence in studies, sports, cultural activities, art, etc. She has participated in many competitions at school, interschool, and state levels. Here, I feel that certificates, medals, shields, etc. are not as important as the exposure, experience, and knowledge that they get from participating in such activities.

All this could happen because of the dedication, support, encouragement of the principal, teachers, management, and other staff of the school. I appreciate the pains taken by them in shaping my daughter as what she is now. With such a good foundation, I am sure that my daughter will succeed in whatever career she chooses and also in her life.

Now I feel that the school is on its way to achieving the aims and goals which were expressed by the principal at the time of my daughter’s admission to the school.


Father of Miss. S.DIVYA