Various clubs like the eco-club, theatre, and dramatics, science club, etc. are formed.  Various activities like science exhibitions, art, and craft exhibitions are conducted.  Students willingly and enthusiastically participate in the activities.  Drama on Julius Ceasar was performed by the drama and theatre club students.

Clubs in the School

Integrity Club:

Integrity club is a small group of people from the same school who voluntarily commit to meet regularly to help each other continuously to improve the quality and integrity of their individual and group performance and behavior especially in the value of patriotism. Integrity and service excellence in close coordination with proper authorities and leadership of the Integrity Club.

Committee Members

  • Mrs. Madhuri Chavan
  • Mrs. Neeta P Sulgekar
  • Master. Mahendra Goyal
  • Master. Maruti Naukudkar
  • Master. Digvijay Patil

ECO Club

Environmental education, Awareness, and training plays a significant role in encouraging and enhancing people’s participation in activities aimed at conservation, protection, and management of the environment, essential for achieving sustainable development. Eco club is one of the many important activity clubs of an educational institution. The need of the hour is to create an environment-friendly generation because the present generation lives in an artificial world created by man. It is necessary to sensitize them towards nature.

Committee Members

  • Mrs. Sonali Kangralkar
  • Mrs. Nisha R Bhosale
  • Master. Praful M Patil
  • Miss. Sanjeevani B Terase
  • Miss. Prayanti S Bamane
  • Master. Dheeraj Desai

Discipline Club

Discipline is the mode of living under established rules and regulations subjected to a higher authority. Discipline is the ‘Gateway’ to education. Therefore, it is imperative to have a good discipline established in the school. Students’ discipline is an important part of providing a pleasant learning environment for all. School provides a social context in which students need to be supported while being taught how to accept responsibility for their own behavior.

Discipline is integral for peaceful and harmonious living as well as for ensuring a safe and secure school environment. It is essential for inculcating the right values so that children grow up to be productive and responsible citizens imbued with good human values and principles. Recognizing the importance of discipline in schools where future citizens are groomed, it is essential to institute proper disciplining mechanism, so that the schools have a safe and supportive environment

Club Members

  • Mrs. Nisha R Bhosale
  • Mr. Manoj U Jadhav
  • Master Praful Patil
  • Master Harsh Motekar
  • Master. Digvijay Patil
  • Master Alok Jadhav

Heritage Club

Picnics are arranged to historical places like the Kittur fort, 500 years old Halshi Temple.  Students were taken for a historical tour to Hyderabad where they saw the Golconda Fort, Chaar Minar, the Safdarjung Museum, etc. This helps the children to know Indian Heritage and culture.

Club Members

  • Mr. Jinendra Mutagi
  • Mrs. Shivani Singnudi

 Language Club

 Club Members

  • English Club                – Mrs. Snehal A Jadhav
  • Hindi Club                   – Mrs. Padmashree Bhendigeri
  • Kannada Club             – Mrs. Sanjana R Katti & Mrs. Rajashree Sane
  • Marathi                        – Mrs. Vanashree S Nair
  • Librarian                      – Mrs. Jyoti G Buwa