About Dakshin Maharashtra Shikshan Mandal

Annual Report 2020-21

Co-curricular Activities:

JCS takes efforts not only in academics but strive for the holistic development of every child. Saturdays are activity days. Competitions are conducted and students make their projects here in the school on that day. Various competitions like calligraphy, storytelling, fancy dress, solo dance, clay modelling etc. are conducted. Besides our students are encouraged to participate in the inter-school competition where our students have achieved success.

Miss. Divya of 8th Std won the first prize in interschool Bhagwad Geeta recitation competition conducted by ISKON, 2nd in Hindi elocution competition conducted by Hindi Prachar Sabha and also 2nd place in news reporting competition conducted by K.L.S Public School, Belgaum.

Swayam Patil and Harsh Patil of 7th Std. got the 2nd place in conversation with props and Master. Om Badwanache of 7th std. won the 2nd place in caricature competition conducted by K.L.S Public School.

Our students have won various prizes in interschool drawing competitions conducted by D. M. S. Mandal, Indian Oil Corporation etc. Our students took an active participation in “Mathematica 2018”conducted by Karnataka Academy of Mathematics.

We secured the first prize in group singing competition at cultural competitions organised by D.M.S Mandal.

Miss. Anjali Khatavkar and Miss. Vaishnavi Hongekar from Class 8th secured First prize in Fireless cooking competition at “Enorme” conducted by Uday English Medium High School, Belgaum


  1. Project based learning:

Saturdays are mainly for students to prepare their own projects on various topics. Hands on experience helps the students in developing interest in making innovative and creative things.

  1. Science Exhibition:

Science Exhibition 2019-20 was conducted in the school to which students came out with their various innovative projects and experiments. The exhibition was successful in igniting the students’ spark of enthusiasm in Science subjects.

Teaching Learning aids competition was conducted for the teachers. Teachers actively participated and showed their skills in preparing the aids. The presentation was also made enthusiastically to explain their TLA.


Sports and games help kids in character building and maintaining energy and strength. They also improve the mental sharpness and stamina, team spirit, and confidence among students. Every year Jyoti Central School conducts individual and group inter house sports events and also encourages students to participate in interschool sports.

Our sports champs took part in Kho-Kho events at Cluster Level Sports 2019-20. They participated in the Football Tournament for the under 13 children conducted by Islamia High School. They also participated actively in the chess competitions organized by Checkmate School of Chess and Daivadnya Seva Sangh.

Our students are not lagging behind to show their ability in Yoga performance too. They participated in the district level Yoga competition which was held as a part of the International Yoga Day at Gogte P. U. College. They took part in the 1st District Level Yoga Championship organized by Belgaum District Yoga Association. They also showed their participation in the 2nd International Yoga Championship organized by SGS International Yoga Foundation.

Arts and Craft 

Art and craft is an important part of our curriculum to develop hidden talents in students. Exhibitions and competitions are arranged for students to showcase their talents e.g

  • Paintings, sketching and best out of waste.
  • Group and solo dance competitions are conducted.
  • Skit/drama competitions are conducted.
  • Students are also encouraged to participate in interschool competitions.


Teachers from our school attended the Scout training program arranged by Bharat Scouts and Guides in Belgaum and started the same at Jyoti Central School.  Following teachers were trained to start Bharat Scouts and Guides in the school;

Mrs. Sonal Soudagar,   Mrs. Jyoti Buwa, and Mr. Piraji Lohar.

Investiture ceremony was one of the most momentous occasions in our school.  It was organized on 26th January 2020, Mr. Vittal S.B., District Organizer, Bharat Scouts and Guides was present for the function. It was started to contribute to the development of the Scouts and Guides of our school in achieving their physical, intellectual and spiritual potentials as individuals and be responsible citizens.

 Environment Education:

Students are made aware of how natural environment functions and how human beings can manage behavior and ecosystems to live sustainably. Plastic is not allowed in our school premises. Rallies are taken for spreading messages like not to use plastic. Students prepared paper bags made out of waste paper and distributed to vendors and shop keepers.

They are made to understand the importance of celebrating pollution-free festivals and are encouraged not to burn crackers. Rallies are taken round the city to make the people aware of the dangers to the environment.

 Overall Results:

As per the C. C. E pattern, Jyoti Central School conducts tests (Formative Assessments) and exams (Summative Assessments) as per the well scheduled yearly academic action plan. Our students have performed well in this evaluation process. Every month all our subject teachers also conduct class tests in which too our students show their positive response.

 PTA Activities:

In the holistic development of a child both parents and teachers play an equally crucial role. JCS has formed a Parent-Teacher Association which works in a democratic way for the all-round development of its students. We conduct parent teacher meet on a regular basis in every month. These meetings act as a platform to discuss the thorough development of our students in academics, sports and all the co-curricular activities too. Parents are always free to give necessary suggestions or feedback for the overall development of their children. All the necessary steps are taken for the management committee too, to have meetings with the parents.

 Inter Complaint Committee Against Sexual Harassment and Gender Sensitization:

At JCS we ensure that sexual harassment is always prohibited, prevented and eliminated. Any form of sexual harassment is not tolerated and will be subject to punishment according to law. We are committed to create a campus free from discrimination, harassment and retaliation at all levels and to create awareness about what constitutes sexual harassment at all levels.

 Important Decisions of the SMC Meeting:

It was discussed and decided that children of office staff and teaching staff could be given a discount of 50% both in fees and school building fund. Children of ‘D’ grade helpers in the school would get a discount of 50% in the fees and development fund would be waived off.

 Rainwater Harvesting:

In these days of increasing water scarcity, it is always better to have alternative means of water storage. We have got a sufficient finance sanctioned by the management for the scientific implementation of the rainwater harvesting project. The eco-friendly project includes rainwater collected from the roof of the school building which is stored in a well-established overhead tank of 2,000 litres. The same water is used for gardening, sanitation and other daily purposes throughout the year.

 Water Management:

JCS follows its own system of planning, developing, distributing and managing the optimum use of water resources so that the maximum quantity of stored water could be used appropriately. Our school continues to adapt to the current and future issues facing the allocation of water.

 Waste Management:

JCS follows a proper mechanism for the collection, transport, treatment, and disposal of waste. For the collection of waste things we have dustbins in all the classrooms, manager’s room, principal’s room, staff room, and corridors. The dustbins are maintained even in the library and all the laboratories too. One can be assured that no child and staff member is allowed to throw a single piece of paper/chocolate wrapper wherever he or she likes in the school premises.


At JCS all the rooms and the departments are well facilitated with energy-saving Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) instead of incandescent bulbs which are highly energy-consuming. Our staff and students are convinced not to switch on fans and lights when not in use. As a result, we are able to reduce our energy consumption at a considerable scale.

Plantation and Gardening:

School garden is a wonderful way to use the schoolyard as a classroom too, reconnect students with the natural world and the true source of their food. Through the garden we can teach them valuable gardening skills and develop a love for trees and nature. In the garden, children are set to work cultivating flowers and vegetables. It’s an effort to get children out of the monotonous classroom learning.

The students contributed a great deal in planting trees and developing greenery around the school.  The lawns around the school were laid by the students and the staff of the school.